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Our Story

Back in September 2012 we ran the Color Run with a few co-workers.

Following the race Rachel asked Sara is she wanted to run a race in Disney World; Sara said yes and then realized it was a half marathon. We trained through the winter and conquered the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Feb. 2013. Click here to here about that adventure.

We then conquered the Warrior Dash, which was challenging in its own way.

Our biggest accomplishment so far? Running the Dopey Challenge. 48.6 miles of fun! 

We started this blog for a few reasons:

1) We realized we were starting to drive our friends crazy on Facebook with our running posts


2) We are still learning about running/finding our way and wanted to share our journey as we try new gear and workouts. 

We want to share our triumphs and failures with you!

So join us and run!

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