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Meet Team CinderWars!

Run, Girl, you GOT this! is run (pun intended) by Rachel and Sara- two coworkers turned running buddies turned friends who got hooked and haven't stopped running. Their forces combined, they go by Team CinderWars, in recognition of the costumes they wore for their first half marathon together (Sara as Cinderella and Rachel as Princess Leia).

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This gal, a runner?
How could you tell?
Rachel (the short one) has always wanted to be a runner, but kept fearing that asthma would get in the way. She turned to dance, singing, and theater instead. She threw in the occasional hike, climb, or frisbee game kept active, but no running. Flash-forward to 2008 where Rachel decided to start running after watching her father get back on his bike following a car accident. She ran a 5k that year and hasn't stopped running since! Each year brings more races and more of a realization that she is a runner. She is also big into CrossFit and Olympic Lifting. She currently work as a Personal Trainer in the DC/NOVA area.
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One Dopey gal.
Sara (the tall one) has always hated running. She was the one in high school softball practices who would avoid the warm-up lap like the plague. After college, she got caught up in life, and stopped having time for exercise and the outdoors. So when Rachel invited her (read: suckered her in) to run a half marathon, they put together a training plan, and started pounding pavement, and with each mile that passes, Sara calls herself more and more of a runner.

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