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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Race Recap - Run or Dye DC 2013

Run or Dye

Aka the race Rachel realized that sleep is an important aspect of a successful or fun run and that a French braid is always the way to go.

Run or Dye is an off shoot of the Color Run basically colored powder gets thrown at you throughout the course. There are no timing chips and a lot of beginner runners at these races. That said Sara and I set a new team 5k PR by timing ourselves.

In fact if you are looking to run a 5k for the first time I recommend a color run, they are relaxed and there is no pressure to run fast.

Sara and I arrived later than we wished, but since the race isn’t timed it was not a big deal. We quickly realized two things (and I realized a third)
 1) The race shirts they gave us do not breathe
 2)  It is muggy down by RFK Stadium.
 3) I realized that not sleeping was a poor life choice. The previous evening I got a whopping 3 1/2 hours of sleep and then had to drive back to DC from Richmond at 6am.  By the time we got to the race course around 9:30am – I was tapped out of energy. At least we had music bursting our ear drums to keep us awake.
Poor Sara had to deal with me griping for the first mile, but she stuck with me like a champ and I soon found my rhythm.

Side note- I need to invest in a grumpy cat running shirt –because I am one at the start of any race.
We started our run and were met with an explosion of color –I came out of this race COVERED in color.  Sara and I had fun gunning for as much color as possible and setting a new team 5K PR. Typically I run faster on my own, but it was fun to set a team record with Sara as she keeps me going. 

During the run we realized another thing…. this race was not well organized. There was one water station- normally for a 5k this isn’t an issue for me, however when it is 85 degrees and 90% humidity- I want my water. The course managers were too lazy to pour cups so they just handed out 16oz bottles of water. Meaning by the time Sara and I arrive…there was no water. No one drank a full bottle – everyone took a sip or two and threw them on the ground. Luckily at the finish they had iced water, but the sheer laziness amazed me.

Aside from the water and lack of sleep it was a lovely event and we had a blast!